The app that allows you to donate us without paying!

What is it?

It’s an app for browser (that works only with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, for now) related to the purchase online. It’s involves several sites and shops online, such as booking.com, ebay, zooplus, aliexpress, expedia, feltrinelli and many others…Each time that you shop online on these sites, the e-shops allocates a percentage on their revenue to our projects, without adding any cost on your expenditure.

How does it work?

Copy this link http://helpfree.ly/ and sign up to the site. Using this link, your donation will be higher, because we invite you. Then, you have to download and install the app (extension ) for your browser by following the instruction that it will provide you.

Why we like it?

-because it allows to everyone to donate without spending one Euro more. It is the shop that renounces to a part of its revenue.

– because it’s automatic. Buy from an involved shop by using your pc with the app!

It will appear a green button, verify that it is green! Every purchase will give a donation to the ngo that you decided to help.





Note: the app isn’t available for smartphone. Use the app from your pc.

Do you want to understand better how does it work?

For further informations:

Contact us at info@cittadinanza.org or

the number 3425695222