Cittadinanza promotes and supports projects of psychiatric rehabilitation and psycho-social intervention in low-income countries.

Cittadinanza has decided to operate in the field of mental health in low-income countries, working on both health and social level. Besides treatment and rehabilitation, our projects include reintegration of people with mental health disabilities into their community.

Cittadinanza operates on two different levels:

  • Politically, by planning projects in collaboration with the Ministries of low-income countries and providing continuity to the activities;
  • Concretely, in well-defined and monitored realities, with the involvement of local authorities, local staff and several social stakeholders.

Our ongoing projects

India, Vellore

Since 2003, Cittadinanza has been supporting the activities of Best New Life Shelter day care centre, offering rehabilitation and assistance to children and young people with severe neurological disabilities


Kenya, Nairobi

Since January 2013, Cittadinanza has been supporting “Paolo’s Home” centre, offering physiotherapy services to children with psyco-physical disabilities and providing a scientific supervision.


Our completed projects






International Meetings

Leonardo Project

Atlas Project

Grundtvig Project