It’s a campaign that invite you to discover disability more closely, in its various forms and contexts.

A campaign where the word Dis-ability merges in This-ability, to encourage a gaze that goes beyond the concept of disability, to discover the human being, that reveals his resources, characters and aspirations. But not just this. We want to confirm the importance to recognise and pledge equal rights and opportunities, according to what established in international conventions, in Italy as everywhere else in the world.

If challenges and barriers are an aspect that people with disabilities has in common in quite all the societies, the perception of the pathology often changes according to the level of instruction and income of a country. In some scenaries, the disease make the prejudice and shame grow while the integration into society and access to medical care became quite a mirage.

But it is not finished. There is more beyond disability.

Everyone is a disable, writes Giacomo Mazzariol, author of “My brother chase the dinosaurs”. Everyone has something that can’t do, and not for this reason has less good qualities.

The campaign of Cittadinanza blend the word Dis-ability with This-ability, to encourage a gaze that goes beyond the disability itself, that can discover the human being, that can reveal its resources, character and aspirations.

However, it is not just a matter of goodwill.

In these cases, the presence of recognized rights and opportunities is what really makes a difference. Because only with equality of rights and possibilities, the disable person can improve his physical and psychological wellness and be able to lead a normal and dignified life.

Since 1999 Cittadinanza onlus is involved in projects linked to the mental health in low income countries and it launch this campaign to draw attention on rights and dignity of people with disabilities and invite to concrete helping actions wherever there aren’t chances of redemption form illness.

In the campaign there will be realized raising awareness events, education labs in schools, fund raising in favour of international cooperation projects and volunteer work.