I #cimettodelmio

and you?5798

“From great powers comes great responsibility”,someone said paraphrasing Spiderman.

#cimettodelmio is the campaign organised by Cittadinanza Onlus that involves many professions.

Who decide to participate gives the two most valuable things he has to offers for a good cause: his time and his expertise.


Who is it for?

To cfraftsmen, Restaurateurs, Shop owners, Self-employed individuals: everyone wishes to make available a talent, an expertise, a product, or a service for a good cause.

How does it works?

It is possible to sustain Cittadinanza with an initiative one shot or with a ongoing support for an arranged period. For example,the proceeds from an initiative or a percentage from an event, or of a special occasion, can be devolved.

Another possibility is to allocate a percentage of a particular product sold, or of a particular service, or of the revenue on a restaurant table etc. for a month, or a season or a year. Everyone can decide which one mode is good for his activity.

How long does it last?

It’s all aboout the participant’s discretion. It is possible to joint the initiative for only the duration of an event or on a ongoing basis for a month or over the year.

How to do a donation?

At due date arranged, after the donation took place, in a privite and free way, you will be released an invoice fiscally valid for the tax deduction. Since the 1st January 2018 people could choose among the tax deduction of 30% of the donation, until a maximum of 30.000€, or of the 10%, limitless. For firms it is allowed the tax deduction at the 10%, limitless.

What do we give in exchange?

We will promote your activity and your participation to the campaign throught our channels: Facebook page, web site, newsletter to all of our contacts and a press release. Moreover, we will give a forex with printed photo format 30×40 which can be exposed over the duration of the initiative, the flyer of the initiative with both the association and commercial operation logos, gadgets and our written thanks for everyone that will buy that product or service.

For further info, write to:


or telephone:

0541.4120911 o 342.5695222