“We need that companies give practical significance to their actions, in order to promote values and principles which can connect cultures and people everywhere”

(Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of United Nations)

Why the Company

Cittadinanza firmly believes that the private sector can be a key multiplier for human development, both in the fight against poverty, and for the awareness of the people, living in the territories where it operates, towards issues such as health, integration, multiculturalism, protection of fundamental rights. We also think that the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a ‘fashion’ trend. It is a real means for creating a synergy between “profit” and “non-profit” world, in order to implement redistributive policies.

Why Supporting Cittadinanza

  • to protect human rights and dignity of those who are marginalized;
  • to offer a sense of community to all those who suffer from mental disorders;
  • to undertake a journey together towards sustainable actions, with the respect of other cultures and with a long-term vision;
  • to create a society which is open to diversity;
  • to support an exchange between rich and low-income countries, also and above all, by training of local personnel;
  • because the companies we select are committed to sharing ethical principles, aimed at the promotion of human rights and equal opportunities.

With the donation to the NGO you can:

    • deduct, from gross tax, 26% of the maximum amount of € 30,000 (Article 15, paragraph 1.1. of Presidential Decree 917/86);
    • deduct, from income, an amount not exceeding the 10% of the total declared income, however, to a maximum of € 70,000.00 per year (Law Decree 35/05 converted into Law no. 80 of 14/05/2005).

What it takes

  • The credit card statement, for donations via credit card;
  • The bank account statement, in case of bank transfer or former RID the bank receipt, the matrix of issued cheques.
  • As supporting documentation, the NGO release a special certificate valid for tax purposes.

Remember that tax benefits are not allowed for in-cash donations and they are not cumulative with each other.

Bank transfer on the following account:

Cassa di Risparmio di Rimini S.P.A.
Filiale Eticredito, Via Dante 25 47921 Rimini (RN)
IBAN: IT04W0628524236CC0590000114
held by Cittadinanza Onlus

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